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Amigo Farms Inc.

4245 E Hwy 80 Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928-726-3738
FAX: 928-726-3744

The Yuma Office location is located just south of Hwy 80
between Ave 4E and Ave 5E.

Around 7,000 acres and growing, Amigo Farms Incorporated produces high quality vegetables in the months of September through March, and high quality crops such as sorghum and melons, to name a few, in the months of April through August. Amigo Farms grows its products in the most fertile lands of the Yuma Valley of AZ, San Luis AZ, Somerton AZ, Winterhaven CA and Bard CA, as well as Roll AZ.

Amigo Farms prides itself in having the best machinery, technology and staff to better serve it customers.

At Amigo Farms our mission is to consistently provide our customers with premium products and superior customer service that meets or exceeds their quality and value expectations

At Amigo Farms Inc, we proudly dedicate ourselves to meet all challenges and opportunities to be leaders in quality, innovation, as well as customer and employee relations.

Amigo Farms is committed to simply being the best in product quality, value and safety, customer service, and employee relations.

Amigo Farms is committed to sustainable farming practices that maximize yield while minimizing harmful impact on our natural resources.

Amigo Farms is committed to treating everyone with dignity, compassion, and courtesy.

Amigo Farms is committed to profitability that will allow us and our customers to invest in long-term growth, innovation, and human resources.

Amigo Farms is committed to being a responsible corporate neighbor. We are committed to assuring honesty and integrity in all of our relations with consumers, customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Amigo Farms offers two forms of services:

As a Grower:

At Amigo Farms, we are dedicated to growing high quality produce for the worlds top vegetable packers such as Taylor Farms, and Mann Packing. With highly trained and knowledgeable staff working in the planting, maintenence and harvesting of our crops we deliver the best produce we can for our customers.

As a Harvester:

Amigo Farms has some of the top harvesting equipment in the country. At Amigo Farms, we try to stay up to date with the worlds newest and most effcient harvesting techniques and equipment to make sure that our products make it to the stores in the best condition possible.To ensure safe handling and keep quality high, we believe in sanitizing our equipment after every day of harvest and before every day of harvest.


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